Monday, May 01, 2006


For those who still believe there is someone can be called 'a good moslem', Have you ever asked yourselves and the so called 'good moslem' the following simple questions:

1. Do you agree to what osama bin laden and zarqawi have been doing? Yes or no
If yes, then he/she is like bin laden which means automatically he/she is not a good one..
If no, then

2. Do you agree that what they (bin laden, zawahry, zarkawy etc.) have been doing is based on clear and obvious verses from your Koran and hadeeth ?? yes or no
If yes, then .. you must agree on the fact that it is the Koran and hadeeth that must be trashed in the nearest garbage can .. If no, then you are a big liar because the whole world saw how many verses of the koran they used to recite when they commit any crime..any way

3. Do you think they are wrong? Yes or no..
If yes, then the Koran and hadeeth are wrong..
If no, then you are like them..

4. Do you believe in the same books, the Koran and hadeeth in which they believe? Yes or no..
If yes, then you cannot call yourself a good Moslem because you believe in the same source of terrorism,
If no then you can't call yourself a Moslem any more..

5. You can clearly see by your own eyes and judge by your own self if you can call yourself a bad Moslem or a good Moslem, if this term exists in the first place.


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